Born to run

I wouldn’t call myself a runner but I’ve enjoyed running at many times during my life.  My running fitness has come and gone many many times over the years.

I remember back at high school sports days.  I entered everything.  I was running, throwing and jumping.  I loved doing it all.  I entered the sprints and the long distance events.  I absolutely knew there was nothing streamline or aerodynamic about this body but I still did it.  I was never a first-placer but I think I was a solid performer.

Then one year, I sprained my ankle doing high-jump.  High-jump!  I am 157cm tall.  What business did I have doing high-jump at all?!

I grew up in a house across the road from my high school.  The next day I sat at the window of our second-storey and watched the long-distance running events.  I was devastated.  The long-distance events were my favourites.  I didn’t join in just to make up numbers.  And I gave it up for dumb high-jump.  (I’m still bitter).  This was one of the key moments where I realised that running was ‘my thing’.

So, I’ve been an intermittent runner.  I’ve never trained regularly but I might have trained (and I use the term loosely) for specific events.  My longest distance has been 10km.  I have one major problem when it comes to running.  I’m not consistent.  I go out too hard too soon when I’m trying to get my running fitness back so it’s a short-lived effort.  I usually find myself injured and not running again.  I do it over and over again and never seem to learn my lesson.

The most recent time was after I had my baby nine months ago.  I was due to compete in a triathlon when she was 4.5 months old so I had to start running.

The first run felt great…60 second run, 60 second walk.  Oh I loved running again.  I think I may have done one more session like that…felt really great again so i stepped it up. The next session was 5 minute run, 1 minute walk.  Uh oh.  Tore my left calf muscle.

So I promised myself this time would be different.  I’m going to take it easy and listen to my body.  After all, as part of this overhaul I need to get disciplined around the things that make my life better and also the things I like to do.

I like to run – so I need to ensure that I get to a place that is sustainable to manage on a consistent basis.

I’m halfway through Week Two on Couch-to-5k (C25K) and loving it.  It’s an eight week running program designed to get non-runners up to running 5km (or 30mins non-stop).

I’m forcing myself to stick with the program no matter how good I’m feeling.  I know in eight short weeks, I’ll be back to running at least 5km.  It’s a short time in the scheme of things.  It sorta feels nice not to be under pressure with this.

I’ve always felt like I’m achieving something with running.  It’s not easy (especially with a short body built for comfort) but I grin like a cheshire cat while I’m doing it because it amazes me what this body can achieve.


What’s your ‘thing’?  And tell me honestly…what were you like at school sports days?


Overhaul – The ‘before’ post

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You know the silver ball in pinball machines…that’s me.  For the better part of this year, I’ve been lurching from here to there and in every different direction.

Back in June 2012, I made a decision to lead a more conscious and fulfilled life.  I left a long-standing career in finance, started studying, worked on my health & fitness and generally gave myself more time to just ‘be’.  It was a resounding success.  My stress levels dropped. I lost 15kg. My relationships improved. I fell pregnant.  Life was good.  Best decision ever.

When I look back on the first six months of 2014, I realise I have fallen back into old ways. I’ve been living a purely reactionary life again.  I could sit here and justify it.  I work.  I study. I’m still a new mum (Little Miss Z is 9 months old now).  However I know it’s a cop out.  I know I could have done better.

I’m not talking about trying to be a Superwoman.  I’m just talking about getting the basics right.

Don’t get me wrong.  The last six months have been amazing.  I have a beautiful baby who is growing up healthy and strong.  I marvel at her every day.  I have a husband who makes me want to tear my hair out at times but is an awesome husband and father.  I also have wonderful family and friends who are there when I need them.  We’ve had our share of hard times in 2014 but gee, we’ve have some cracker times too!

Regardless if they are good days or bad days, I know I don’t want each day to melt into the next – I want to be here, I want to be present and I want to have some say over the direction my days take.

So, here it begins. Deskmum Overhaul.

A six-month journey in reflection, thinking, planning and taking action to reclaim my life.

Sounds a bit airy-fairy doesn’t it?  Don’t worry, it won’t be.  I’m just not that sort of person.

To be honest, I think I could fix a lot by cutting out the procrastination – so this overhaul could be done and dusted in one month!

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What is one thing you would like to change over the next six months?