Country girl stuck in the city!

I used to hide my country side. I pretended it wasn’t there. But then I threw caution to the wind and embraced the (good-natured) ridicule of my friends!

I have two groups of friends. The ones who are ‘country’ and the ones who are not. My country friends are greatly outnumbered.

I grew up in a small town but I now live in Brisbane. This creates a constant dilemma for me. I love what the city has to offer but I miss the wide-open spaces and the simple life that is possible in a small country town.

I have spent most of my adult life in Brisbane and for the majority, have enjoyed it. Now with a baby and limited time, money and energy to enjoy the city benefits, I find myself wishing for a country life again.

It’s making me crazy. Just this morning, I set the alarm for 2am to watch the live feed of a Garth Brooks* press conference. I’m the mother of a 10-month-old. That. Is. Nuts. What new mother gives up sleep on purpose?

Garth Brooks

So tell me…how can I keep the balance of the city/country life that I want?

*Hands up if you know who Garth Brooks is?


Do I have a “retro” tv?

Exactly how old does something have to be before it’s called “Retro”?

I don’t like to brag but I have a rather large tv. It’s silver and black with a flat screen.

Most tv’s these days are 50 or 60 inches. Mine is 50 or 60 kilos and is deep as it is wide. I could pretty much use it as a coffee table. Well..actually…I sorta am. There is currently a hat, a magazine, a children’s book and a remote control stored on it!


The TV was bought back in 2004 when I bought my first house as a young, single girl. I think it was about $1500 and a little bit fancy with it’s wide screen and flat screen.

10 years on, it is still going strong and we cannot find a reason to get rid of it and upgrade.

When friends laugh at my tv…I could say that I’m concerned with the environmental impact of a throwaway society…or maybe that I’m trying to live a frugal life.

The truth is, we just don’t care. It functions. It’s enough. (Although,I was disappointed I couldn’t see the scores during the Aussie Open this year…the format wasn’t ‘compatible’)

Sometimes we watch a little tv…sometimes we watch a lot. End result is still the same – we hold our own at the water cooler the next day!

All that being said…I won’t be unhappy the day it finally gives up (and neither will the Harvey Normans and Good Guys of this world).

What item at your place won’t get replaced until it’s given up the ghost?

Surprise Package

Last week was a pretty shitty week…and if I could, I would ask the universe for a do-over of May 2014.

But my day brightened up when I returned home on Friday to find a surprise package at my front door.

It was an unmarked box so I was trying to rack my brain as to what it could be. Was it some online shopping I’d ‘forgotten’ I bought? Was it a birthday gift? Or was it like the time my sister found a surprise package on her doorstep? (A few dozen bottles of wine she doesn’t recall ordering due to…well…wine!)

Turns out it was my first delivery from Red Paw Paw. Exciting! Red Paw Paw is a company who offers subscriptions to receive a monthly box of household and grocery goodies. Yes…goodies. I love me a surprise box of goodies.

I had only subscribed a few days earlier so I was stoked that it was already here. The basic gist is that you pay $5 a month (chicken feed!) and receive $30 worth of products to try. Some are full size and some are samples. As part of the deal, you agree to use and review the products.

Easy done! I can do that to get a little present in the post each month.


*This post wasn’t sponsored by Red Paw Paw…just my love of simple surprises!

Do we always have to be Mrs Positivity?

May has been a tough month.  I haven’t had a month this tough in years.  I haven’t been stressed like this since I left my old career behind two years ago.  All month I have been taking it in my stride and just getting on with it – as you do. 

But not today.

Today I snapped…and cried. A LOT. 

The hits have just kept coming this month.  But each and every time, I have twisted it to find the silver lining.  Isn’t that what we’re meant to do?  I think I do it because I recognise there are countless people out there dealing with much more than me.

Today I just couldn’t put a positive spin on it any more.  Today was the day I finally had a gutful of May 2014.

The funny thing is, even now as I write this, I am finding parts of today that I really am grateful for.

Happy Birthday sung by my niece and nephew, birthday wishes from family and friends, and an ever-supportive husband who picks up the slack when I (finally) tell the universe to get stuffed.

I wonder if it’s wrong to get pissed off at the universe or should I feel grateful that I was only given what I could handle?  Is it really possible to stay positive 100% of the time?