Fireworks in my heart

I love the Ekka.

Well, really…I love all shows.

It all started with the small country show in my home town.  We were lucky to get three or four rides in sideshow alley but each year I couldn’t wait for May to roll around to head back to the show.  We won’t talk about the year I developed a crush on a ‘carnie’ though… Although a crush at that age basically meant that my spending money was wasted on the Hurricane rather than any other ride.

It seems here in Brisbane when it comes to the Ekka, you either love it or you hate it. The lure of the Ekka strawberry sundae or a dagwood dog just isn’t enough for some people.  I love it all.

Last year, the Ekka was special. It was the last Ekka my husband and I would spend together – just the two of us. I was 34 weeks pregnant.

This year, the fireworks were in my heart!

I didn’t see much of the show last night.  I was too busy watching the joy on the faces of my true loves.

This year, the fireworks were in my heart.

This year, the fireworks were in my heart.

What’s your favourite thing about the Ekka…or do you stay away?




Music memories

We all have songs that are inexplicably linked with people, places or events in our lives. Music has the amazing ability to transport you to another time and place.

When a specific type of music is played constantly in your youth, you grow to love it. Whether it is because of the emotional link or because it’s actually good music, I’ve seen so many examples of parents and their children liking the same music.

I thought I would share the music that reminds me of my family.

My dad is a keen guitarist and a great singer. He loves music and his collection is many and varied. He likes to play his music loud (too loud!).

My dad has been a James Taylor fan for as long as I can remember…it goes all the way back to his younger days.  He used to tell us little anecdotes about James Taylor. Much like the ones we will probably tell our kids about the artists we listen to.

I’m a James Taylor fan and no matter what song it is, I always think of my dad.

The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack was the music of choice for mum during my teenage years. She played it so often and I always wished she would turn it off and play something from the top 40.

Now, it provides a feeling of comfort and connection. A few months after mum passed away 10 years ago I found myself in London. One thing on my to-do-list was to take in a show at West End. Phantom of the Opera was the obvious choice.

I have two brothers and a sister. For my older brother and sister, I bet they don’t even remember owning the cassettes that make me think of them.

My sister received Graceland by Paul Simon as a gift in her early teens and this is my music memory for her. I don’t even know if she likes Paul Simon! I know I do. Again, probably because I heard it so much.

The Beach Boys always make me think of my older brother. We went on a beach holiday for Christmas one year and he was given a Beach Boys tape for Christmas. It ended up being the soundtrack for our summer that year and I can still remember all the words.

I’d rather not have the music memory for my little brother. It was the song we played at his funeral. Time of your Life by Green Day. He was taken from us too early and was just 15. I’m sure we all had questionable music tastes at 15…the two CD’s I can remember in his collection were Korn and Linkin Park. Sign of the times! When I hear the song play on the radio, I like to think he’s sending me a hello. Yesterday marks 15 years without him. Feels like such a long time since I’ve seen him and also feels like yesterday.

So there you have it – the music that keeps family close.

Tell me about the special songs that remind you of loved ones or link back to people you have seen or places you have been.