Overhaul – The ‘before’ post

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You know the silver ball in pinball machines…that’s me.  For the better part of this year, I’ve been lurching from here to there and in every different direction.

Back in June 2012, I made a decision to lead a more conscious and fulfilled life.  I left a long-standing career in finance, started studying, worked on my health & fitness and generally gave myself more time to just ‘be’.  It was a resounding success.  My stress levels dropped. I lost 15kg. My relationships improved. I fell pregnant.  Life was good.  Best decision ever.

When I look back on the first six months of 2014, I realise I have fallen back into old ways. I’ve been living a purely reactionary life again.  I could sit here and justify it.  I work.  I study. I’m still a new mum (Little Miss Z is 9 months old now).  However I know it’s a cop out.  I know I could have done better.

I’m not talking about trying to be a Superwoman.  I’m just talking about getting the basics right.

Don’t get me wrong.  The last six months have been amazing.  I have a beautiful baby who is growing up healthy and strong.  I marvel at her every day.  I have a husband who makes me want to tear my hair out at times but is an awesome husband and father.  I also have wonderful family and friends who are there when I need them.  We’ve had our share of hard times in 2014 but gee, we’ve have some cracker times too!

Regardless if they are good days or bad days, I know I don’t want each day to melt into the next – I want to be here, I want to be present and I want to have some say over the direction my days take.

So, here it begins. Deskmum Overhaul.

A six-month journey in reflection, thinking, planning and taking action to reclaim my life.

Sounds a bit airy-fairy doesn’t it?  Don’t worry, it won’t be.  I’m just not that sort of person.

To be honest, I think I could fix a lot by cutting out the procrastination – so this overhaul could be done and dusted in one month!

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What is one thing you would like to change over the next six months?



  1. Best of luck with your new project. I’m not sure what one thing to pick… start making some money, maybe, but also not let work and family get mixed up. I don’t want to be thinking about work while I’m playing with my kids.

    • This is fantastic and awesome news! What an adventure. As someone who has ‘been there and done that’, I will always applaud a giant leap like this!

      Don’t worry too much about not knowing what you will do – once your mind is free from the shackles, your thoughts will run wild with the possibilities! x

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