Surprise Package

Last week was a pretty shitty week…and if I could, I would ask the universe for a do-over of May 2014.

But my day brightened up when I returned home on Friday to find a surprise package at my front door.

It was an unmarked box so I was trying to rack my brain as to what it could be. Was it some online shopping I’d ‘forgotten’ I bought? Was it a birthday gift? Or was it like the time my sister found a surprise package on her doorstep? (A few dozen bottles of wine she doesn’t recall ordering due to…well…wine!)

Turns out it was my first delivery from Red Paw Paw. Exciting! Red Paw Paw is a company who offers subscriptions to receive a monthly box of household and grocery goodies. Yes…goodies. I love me a surprise box of goodies.

I had only subscribed a few days earlier so I was stoked that it was already here. The basic gist is that you pay $5 a month (chicken feed!) and receive $30 worth of products to try. Some are full size and some are samples. As part of the deal, you agree to use and review the products.

Easy done! I can do that to get a little present in the post each month.


*This post wasn’t sponsored by Red Paw Paw…just my love of simple surprises!



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