Do we always have to be Mrs Positivity?

May has been a tough month.  I haven’t had a month this tough in years.  I haven’t been stressed like this since I left my old career behind two years ago.  All month I have been taking it in my stride and just getting on with it – as you do. 

But not today.

Today I snapped…and cried. A LOT. 

The hits have just kept coming this month.  But each and every time, I have twisted it to find the silver lining.  Isn’t that what we’re meant to do?  I think I do it because I recognise there are countless people out there dealing with much more than me.

Today I just couldn’t put a positive spin on it any more.  Today was the day I finally had a gutful of May 2014.

The funny thing is, even now as I write this, I am finding parts of today that I really am grateful for.

Happy Birthday sung by my niece and nephew, birthday wishes from family and friends, and an ever-supportive husband who picks up the slack when I (finally) tell the universe to get stuffed.

I wonder if it’s wrong to get pissed off at the universe or should I feel grateful that I was only given what I could handle?  Is it really possible to stay positive 100% of the time?




  1. Hey!

    I don’t think it’s possible to be positive 100% of the time but a good solid cry, then chocolate purely for its medical endorphin properties can help to reset the positivity.

    Just keep twisting it!

  2. Nope…totally not possible and I call BS on anyone who says otherwise! I think it’s definitely possible to find good things about each day but to live in 100% pure happiness all the time would be hard to come by. I was once told that when things go to poo it is ok to stomp you’re foot and say it’s poo!! We are only human after all…

    • Well, I know that no one ever would accuse me of being sunshine and smiles all the time. I say it like it is and give whinging poms a run for their money. I think I let inconsequential things get airtime when maybe it’s the big piles of poo I should have a whinge about!

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